Jason is pleased to offer workshops and seminars for businesses and corporations.  Two formats are offered: 'Take Your Dolphin To Work' and Dolphin Encounter.

These sessions take place in your corporate environment and last 1, 2 or 3 days.  A variety of skills and techniques for employees are covered - all inspired by or related to dolphins or whales.  These all use dolphin and whale sounds, imagery, examples and metaphors to explore a variety of topics, including:

» Stress reduction - glide through the day like a whale

» Team skills - building the pod!

» Conflict Resolution - the dolphin way

» Enhancing 'Emotional Intelligence' & Interpersonal Skills - communicate like dolphins

The workshops cater for groups from 5 to 50 individuals, and utilise a number of different methods designed to be enjoyable, practical and productive. 


These presentations are offered in environments where employees actually encounter dolphins and whales in the wild, either from a boat or in-water.  These workshops range from 3-7 days, and focus on the issues covered in the 'Take Your Dolphin To Work' workshops.  In addition, the Dolphin Encounter workshops examine the following:

» Defining and Pursuing Personal and Corporate Goals

» Becoming a Pod - Striving for Group Harmony

» Techniques to Go with the Flow

The Encounter workshops cater for groups from 5 to 15 individuals, and provide an excellent and highly effective human-resources workshops, incentive and team-building programs.  The workshops can also be tailored to provide a unique trip to acknowledge team/department accomplishment. 

Detailed Corporate Brochures about these services are available on request, and by visiting the Motivation In Mind website.

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