There are many, many websites dedicated to dolphins and whales on the internet.  Here are some of The POD's favourites...operated by friends, colleagues and all-round wonderful dolphin folk!
General Dolphin & Whale Sites

The Oceania Project - based out of Byron Bay, Australia, offers research cruises to observe humpback whales around Hervey Bay, Queensland, and also offers a wide range of information about cetaceans in general, wit an excellent collection of links. 

The Whale Watching Web is one of the most extensive sites on the web for everything you ever need to know about whales and dolphins, their biology, where to see them and how to support them.

Orcalab is based off the north end of Vancouver Island, Canada, and is dedicated to studying the orcas who live in and travel through the local waters. Amazing photos, sounds, even live video footage are all available on this site.

Current Issues

Sea Shepherd, headed by Captain Paul Watson, is a controversial anti-whaling group that believes in direct action to save the whales…

Protection of the Amazon River Dolphin is dedicated to ensuring the survival of the wonderful pink dolphins that inhabit the River Amazon and its tributaries from Bolivia and Peru through to Columbia and Brazil. 

Human-Dolphin Interaction

International Dolphin Watch is set up by founder Dr Horace Dobbs, one of the world's leading authorities on interacting with dolphins. The website offers a wide range of information and news about dolphins and their human fans!

Dolphin ‘Healing’ and Dolphin-Assisted Therapy

Water Planet USA is an organisation also based out of Panama City Beach in Florida, promoting interaction with some resident friendly dolphins as a means of therapy for young and old alike. 

One More Thing...

If you want to learn more about Dr Jason Cressey, visit the other site dealing with personal development seminars and training...there's even a little dolphin input there too! It's all at Motivation In Mind...

Jason has also branched into freelance travel writing, documenting his adventures around the world. To learn more about his work, and to read some of his published articles, visit


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