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Why do so many people love dolphins and whales? This groundbreaking book examines ancient mythology and folklore about cetacea, and also looks at the sacred rituals surrounding dolphins and whales in many of the world's indigenous cultures. Packed with photographs, illustrations and more than two hundred stand-alone stories (ideal both for personal reflection and for reading aloud to others), this 600-page volume is the result of research in more than sixty countries over the space of a decade. Many of the tales have never appeared in print before, and the similarities of dolphin-lore in very different cultures - often from opposite sides of the world - will surprise you! In a readable and entertaining style, 'Deep Voices' explores why dolphins and whales were so special to our ancestors, and what relevance that special relationship has for all of us living our busy lives in the 21st century.   

All copies sold from the POD shop can be signed by Jason on request.

CAN$40 plus shipping (Convert Currency)  See below for ordering information.

SPECIAL BONUS OFFER - THE 'DEEP VOICES' LUCKY DIP! Over the years, Jason has acquired a large library of dolphin and whale books - and is trimming things down a little by offering a 'lucky dip' book with your order of 'Deep Voices' for only $10 extra. The book you'll get is randomly selected - it could be anything from a glossy coffee-table book about bottlenose dolphins to a sci-fi novel about futuristic whales! You're assured that it will be a great read, and its cover price is be more than the $10 we're charging. For the first few customers taking advantage of this offer, the most expensive books will be offered, ranging in value from $30 to $80 - some of these even retail in used bookstores at more than $100. What's more, no additional shipping costs will be charged - no matter where in the world you're ordering from. Take a lucky dip and get two wonderful books instead of one!



Sit back and relax as stress-reduction expert and therapist Tara Andre takes you on a journey to meet the dolphins. In this, the first and best-selling dolphin visualisation CD ever produced, Tara uses guided imagery, dolphin sounds and very relaxing music to lead you into the dolphin's world. The CD consists of a 30 minute visualisation and 30 minutes of gentle dolphin music ('Unfolding the Dream' by noted Australian musician Glenda Lum). A must-have for all dolphin enthusiasts, and even the subject of a study by Cambridge University in the UK, where daily listening to the CD was found to accelerate the recovery times of patients who had undergone hospital surgery. 

CAN$25 plus shipping (Convert Currency)  See below for ordering information.


A great gift idea for someone who loves dolphins and whales!  This entitles the recipient of the certificate to one (or more) personal Dolphin Vision Quest sessions with Dr Jason Cressey.  To find out more about these sessions, go to the Vision Quest page.  In 2009-10, Vision Quest sessions are being offered in Australia, Canada, South Africa, Turkey and the United Kingdom - with more to be added! (check Activities and Events for exact dates in different locations).  

CAN$75 per session; CAN$200 for three sessions - no shipping charges (Convert currency).  See below for ordering information.


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